Monday, January 11, 2010

Week One Discussion Question

You are assigned to perform a forensic psychological valuation on the Christmas plan bomber. What are the issues that you must consider in performing this evaluation?

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  1. Dr. Lehman,
    To me, there seems to be many different issues that must be addressed before performing this evaluation including but not limited to:

    1)validity of the results of the evaluation due to possible language barriers;
    2)international jurisdictional law on who can interview the subject and who can't, and where am I in this chain?;
    3)meeting with the different law enforcement agencies in order to determine who has spoken to him and who hasn't....listen to the individual interegation tapes to determine if any unintentional contamination of testimony due to leading or coersive questions or statements could have taken place before your interview;
    4)Consider that I will need to do some background research on the specific cultural background of the subject in order to strengthen the accuracy of the Eval;
    5)I will need to question the accuracy of any Social History that comes to me on the subject from the subject's home country prior to testing in order to make certain that the political pressure to expedite the evaluation, from the State Department due to international publicity of the case doesn't degrade the accuracy of the instrument.
    I'm cerain that there are more...if I was doing this assessment, this would be enough of a start in order to tie up my phone for the next few days getting some answers to my questions. Cash Jetton